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Does it seem like he may have feelings for me?

Online friend sometimes says some things that make me wonder if he is falling for me or not. I'm from tbe UK he is from the US. We are both in our 20s. 

 IDK maybe I'm overthinking.*He once mentioned to me after I complimented him and he was very happy and flattered and said "it makes me very happy but I'm mature enough not to fall inlove with you on the spot" it was just a weird thing to say since we never flirted or even spoke about being together or romantically involved. 

Once I was making a joke about something and he misunderstood it and got defensive out of nowhere saying "Do you really think I'm upset about something? I can assure you I dont get emotionally attached that easily" Again, it was very random for him to think I was implying this considering the context and what I said. 

Today he spoke about his favourite icecream on a public forum and spoke about a superman icecream available in Michigan, I responded with "This is where the US makes the UK look very dull" and he responded with "Lol, yeah, it's definitely something I would miss". Its just the way he said jt, as if he might leave the US oneday or something. He has also asked for my number in the past so I could speak to him properly one on one but I freaked out and refused to give him it. He doesnt know what I look like. 

 Be free to tell me if I'm overthinking this

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