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Rekindling an old flame?

I’m 22 (just graduated from undergraduate) and will be heading to grad school in the Fall... Long story short, I just recently found out that the other grad. assistant is a guy who was my “first love” so to speak. We had met summer into our freshman year of undergrad. and all the people in the program are ALL really close even to this day... The director always tries to mention him to me since she always thought there was something there between us (everyone did/still does)... The reason our “summer romance” ended was because I found out her flirted with a girl the first day I got back to campus, and I gave him the cold soldier(we were 17-18), and that was that.. Nonetheless, he still would try to talk to me/get my attention in person, but I would just look ahead. Now fast forward to now, we’re both Graduate students (he’s engineering) + have genuinely leveled up collectively... Should I send him a request on IG just to kinda position myself, or no?

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    No. I'd just turn up and look surprised to see him and just act like you would if you met someone else you used to go to school with and haven't seen for a long time. It's all water under the bridge. You've both grown up. Forget the fact you used to blank him.....oh I was SO childish then wasn't I? (if he mentions it) If, however, you greet him and he blanks you (gets his own back), just let it go. Walk away because he is acting childishly and if he tries to speak to you later on you can take the moral high ground and say 'Oh, I thought you didn't want anything to do with me?' Hopefully he's grown up too and will greet you pleasantly.

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