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Has Flynn's judge decided NOT to drop the case?

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    Last I heard he had called in his "ask the audience card" (amicus briefs), his "ask a friend card" (judge John Gleeson) and now his "call a lawyer card" (Beth Wilkinson) in case it all goes pear-shaped.

    What a guy?

    <Wilkinson represented top aides to Hillary Clinton in her email controversy. She also assisted Brett Kavanaugh when Christine Blasey Ford made her unsubstantiated allegations against him.>

    This is all quite amazing when you remember that the FBI thought that General Flynn did not lie when interviewed. They logged a record, a "302", but the original went missing. They then altered the copy they had!

    He is accused of lying to VP Pence but Pence said he was not misled. Flynn is accused of discussing sanctions with a Russian Ambassador. He was entitled to as incoming National Security Chief. Also, no-eon has either heard a recording of the call nor seen a transcript.

    So, what is the evidence against Flynn exactly?

    He was hindered rather than helped by his first lawyers who made some deals that they kept from the judge and now the DOJ, realising what a mess it all is, has decided to drop the case. The only reason Flynn pleaded guilty was because both he and his family were being threatened by the prosecution.

    And now the Judge has decided that he knows best and won't drop it! No real evidence, no case but he wants to lock up General Flynn anyway. And they say there is a two-tier justice system in the United States! I wonder why?

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  • 1 month ago

    I don’t think he has ruled, but he sounded skeptical about it.

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