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How do I write a letter to a business?

I’m writing a letter for my grandfather because he’s illiterate. My grandmother passed away recently and he wants to inquire about her life Insurance, I don’t know how to address this letter. Can someone please help to explain what format to use and what way should I address it?

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    Your address and Date

    The businesses address.


    Dear Sir, RE: Mrs. Jo Dokes (deceased and date ).

    I am writing to enquire regarding the life assurance of the above deceased.

    Can you advise what documents you require in order to make a claim.

    Yours faithfully, (Your name/signature and 'pp' grandfathers name).

    NB You will probably have to supply a Death Certificate from the local registrar, and the Life Policy.

    NNB Do not send the policy document unless requested, and if so make a photocopy of it.

    NNNB Business letters are greeted with 'Dear Sir, and parted with 'Yours faithfully',

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    To Whom it May Concern,

    I am writing regarding my wifes insurance ,------

    this letter must come from your Grandfather as they will not give you the info. You can write it, he must sign it.

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