Have you experienced home water pipe humming sounds?

Hello. I’ve always thought that the humming sound in the water pipes when the house water pump is always normal. I’ve been reading around and many people are saying there might be issues with water pump pressure causing pipes to vibrate when using the taps.

Have anyone experienced this or have any opinions about it?

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  • Edwena
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Something is wrong. Noise is caused by turbulent flow. Turbulent flow is cause by excessive drop in pressure. Ideally, in a water system you want laminar flow and minimal pressure drop caused by friction of the flowing water and against the side of the pipe. You have something closing off the pipe interior to have turbulent flow. Like a valve that is half open. Or a valve that is not a full open port size. It will make a lot of noise in a house sized system. Water hammer is cause by closing off a valve and blocking the flow of water. It hits an elbow and knocks the pipe around, causing a thud. What you need is a "cushion-- shock absorber" in the piping system which is nothing more than an extension that is capped off and full of air. Use a tee instead of an ell, and cap off one branch. If you have a humming sound caused by the flowing water, your pipe is undersized. Too much water for the size of pipe causing some turbulent flow within the flowing water/pipe. Or you could have water pump motor noise, but this is not normal and may mean you need to lower the pump further into the well. Or the pump is vibrating against the side of the casing. The best way to determine the source of the problem is to isolate sections of the system and see if the problem stops. From there you can locate the problem and fix it. My bet is that if you have had this problem for a long time, and you get the noise only when you are flowing a lot of water, you have a small port valve in the line. It works fine for low flows, and not for high flows.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There could be a slight "water hammer" issue.  Call a plumber and get a water hammer arrestor installed.

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  • 2 months ago

    Are there any other problems with the water, such as slow supply to the faucets etc.? If not I doubt very much if you have a problem with the pump pressure.  Pumps do hum, sometimes that is transmitted through the pipes. 

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