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Could you join the military after having minor corrective surgery on both knees?

I am young and have had some knee complications that I believe are the result of either muscle imbalances or posture or something. Basically I have very tight IT bands and they grind against my kneecaps, and pop and crack, and I suffered a dislocation of my left kneecap a year ago which made that knee a bit worse. Usually the problems can be corrected through PT alone (strengthening hips, correcting posture, etc), but in my case I think I have gone so long, and done enough physical activity that I have done some serious damage to my meniscus and patellas and worn down the cartilage. I think I would benefit from the available surgeries (very small corrective surgeries with local/regional anesthetic). However, I want to join the military. I went to meps and got through before I dislocated my knee, and am now trying again. But my knees are to the point where I am worried about going through Basic without having surgery/pt. If I do put off enlistment for another year or so and have the surgery on one or both knees, would this disqualify me from future service?

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    Yes! Just do NOT tell your recruiter and do not tell the people at the MEPS station. They do not look up your medical info, that is impossible for them to do. However, if there is a visible scar, they are gonna want an explanation. Or, you can always get a medical release from a doctor. But just understand, you may cause more damage or re-aggravate your issue while serving.

    Source(s): Myself. Army 2013 - 2017
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    The military is not a good option for you. You should make other plans. Even people who have never had knee problems frequently leave the military with knee problems. If you already have that significant of a history with your knees, the military will only make them worse -- surgery or not. Yes, the surgery will likely DQ you but even if it doesn't your knees will not survive a term of enlistment. You should find another career path.

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    As a military medical provider who did medical boards at a BCT base, I can tell you first:

    1. If you do not acknowledge your past issues/surgeries, then you would face fraudulent enlistment charges.

    2. Conditions that were EPTS, existed prior to service, will also get you a quick discharge, without benefits.

    3. You should be mature enough to realize that military training is a challenge to your conditioning and would likely result in more medical issues for you.

    Do all of us a favor and find another way to serve!

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