I have a question about the importance of wind tunnel axis orientation.?

I understand that these are laid on their sides when built. But what if I rotated this diagram clockwise, and have the fan now blowing air up and around the circuit? Would this cause problems like: the fan now has to fight gravity and works less efficiently? Perhaps it would be harder to achieve laminar flow this way as well? Thanks

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    That is not really a concern since air is not that heavy. I would wonder if it would effect how a smoke stream flowing over the model might be effected by gravity in this orientation. 


    Velocity and straightening vanes have much more to do with the kind of flow you will get. 

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      Looks like it's possible, if this website is showing legit info.  http://tsagi.com/experimental_base/wind-tunnel-t-105/

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  • 1 month ago

    Consider a continuous chain looped around a

    pulley. The weight of chain falling exactly balances

    the weight of chain rising. Without friction, the chain 

    would continue to spool indefinitely.

    Assuming the system is sealed orientation adds

    no load.

    Work by the fan is confined to overcoming fluid flow

    resistance. Baffles for laminar flow are velocity 


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