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Can someone tell me why the guidelines say don't take Ibuprofen with Coronavirus?

I am currently experiencing the symptoms of the Coronavirus, including a bad headache. I have already taken paracetamol for my fever, so cannot take it again for a bit. I now have a headache and it's really bad... but guidelines say do not take Ibuprofen? I do not understand why??? If Ibuprofen DECREASES inflammation, why are people saying it will increase it? So my final question is: is it safe for me to take it or not?

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    The NHS still advises people to take inuprofen alongside paracetamol to treat by Covid-19, there is no proof that it makes the condition worse. However; ''One thing specific to COVID-19 is that some lab experiments are showing that ibuprofen may boost the amount of ACE2 receptors that the virus uses to infect cells and could make the virus spread faster.'' The world health organisation won't advice for or against taking ibuprofen to treat the condition which is no bloody help. I think I've had the virus and took loads of ibuprofen and survived but if you're unsure and need further pain relief get someone to buy you some paracetamol and codeine from a pharmacy.

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