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what does it mean if I love a song so much it literally hurts?

so I'm heavily involved with music, it's always been my passion for as long as I can remember, most of my friends are either also heavily interested in music, or in bands ect., but I experience something that I just now found out isn't normal, which is basically when I hear a song I really love, i get this weird anxiety like stomach ache , this has been something that has happened to me for my whole life and I always thought it was normal. what could this mean? 

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    Yeah, I get what you're talking about. Some songs are just so beautiful that I can't stand it. People have different reactions to music they love, so that's why your friends don't get the same feeling you do. 

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    Maybe you create a very strong emotional bond with a song, it happens to me too (a little bit less intense). Linking it back to past event/memories maybe even trauma and music is a good outlet for that

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