Art teachers, how did you start?

   I'm thinking of becoming an art teacher. I thought I would be a music teacher but I feel like that would be too serious and it would be more difficult to connect with and become friends with my students. Most teachers I've talked to, generally, started in a different subject than they are in now. My music teacher started as an english teacher. If you're an art teacher, how did you start out? Did you start as a teacher for a different subject? Did you plan not to be a teacher at all? Did you plan to be an art teacher from the start? 

   I'm trying to compare what the easiest path would be. A couple people have told me that it's easier to be hired in a core subject teaching position and then moving to other electives. However you became an art teacher, do you think you took the easier path? If not, which path do you think would have been easier than the path you took?

   Please help me out! I'd greatly appreciate it!

   (P.S. For a bit of context, I'm about to start senior year in a few months.)

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  • Elaine
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    1 month ago
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    There are very few schools that can afford to have a full-time art teacher. so you need to think about getting qualifications in another subject as well.  One thing which you need to know and accept is that schools assign staff according to the needs of the school.  However, that being said most principals do try to take the interests and qualifications of the individual teacher into consideration.  

    For teacher qualifications you need to research the requirements in your educational jurisdiction.  

    As a teacher you have to keep in mind that you are not being paid to be friends with the students, you are being paid to deliver the curriculum in a meaningful way.  

    Why do you think that being a music teacher would make it more difficult for you to connect with students?  The subject makes no difference: either you can connect with the students or you can't.  

    • Angie1 month agoReport

      In my experience being in orchestra, there's not much time to talk to individuals at all. It also doesn't help that the atmosphere is so competitive. Art generally seems more calm and the students can often go on their own so I can help a smaller group of students at once which I know is ideal.

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  • 1 month ago

    My cousin had a varied working life after studying art at college. She worked in clothing stores and was a travelling nanny for many years also. She became an art teacher holding adult learning classes in Tasmania. I think she always fancied being an art teacher but fell into other jobs as a way of experiencing other countries.

    • Angie1 month agoReport

      That must have been exciting! Of course I don't expect to go straight into teaching after graduation, I have to be able to support myself while I apply at schools for a position

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  • 1 month ago

    If your reason for wishing to become a teacher of any subject is to become friends with your students you might want to re-think your choices. You probably would not even get an interview. 

    • Angie1 month agoReport

      That's not really what I meant. I mean friendly. I want my students to feel comfortable asking me for help when they need it. I know students don't usually go to counselors for issues and if they can't talk to their parents or something, I want to be there to offer help.

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