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Why hasn't my headache went away with any kind medicine?

I have been to the hospital and to my primary care doctor and they have prescribed me sumatriptan, firocet, toradol, ibuprofen 800mg, tramadol, and the last one that was prescribed is lortab. None of these help and nobody cant figure it out why...


I have been suffering these headaches everyday since February and they have done ct scans and nothing pops up 

Update 2:

The pain is very unbearable... Its very pressuring in the back of the head in one spot and its very persistent and sharp. 

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    I am so sorry that you are experiencing these unbearable headaches. I can totally relate to you and what they feel like. You need to keep pushing the doctors to investigate and keep pushing them to do more tests. They can't just leave you to be in pain all the time. Also, as somebody said below, try and relax. Drink plenty of water and take things easy. Try and take your mind off it (I know this is very hard to do because it's so unbearable), but try your best to think about other things.

    Best of luck, 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If no physical cause has been found and no medication has worked then the headaches are going to be stress related. Taking over the counter painkillers for headaches, such as Tylenol, has been known to cause headaches and they only improve by stopping the medication although they do get worse before they get better. Stressing about your headaches can cause a vicious cycle by inducing stress related headaches. Try relaxation techniques or massage to relax your neck and shoulders to see if that helps. How would you describe the pain? 

    Ask your doctor for a few Ativan to see if relaxing helps. Please don't take benzos regularly though as they're highly addictive and withdrawal is hell. If that doesn't work then the treatment for chronic pain is usually a tricyclic antidepressant such as Amitriptyline or an anticonvulsant such as Lyrics or gabapentin. Sometimes nerves get irritated for no apparent reason and there's no way of knowing if or when the pain will end. Lying on an electric heat pad can help.

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  • Mark
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    I don't know why it "has went" away...  You should get another opinion - it could be life-threatening.

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