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Question for Romanians?

Hi, I don't like asking this, but the google translate results are confusing, so I thought I'd ask here if there are any Romanians who would be so kind as to give a more meaningful/correct translation.

I know what it's about, more or less, I just don't get the details. It's about my ex girlfriend. Is the end part about drugs?

-pai cica amalia mai sta cu ala de la bucuresti care sa frecat Eugenia cu el

-ca-iam zis lu fata asta zic stai sa le vezi prietene peste cateva luni

-si a zis ca nu o mai haleste si ca nu o sa se mai impace

-eu i-am zis ca da ea a zis ca nu

-acum sa vedem

*pai Eugenia s a frecat cu gagiusu lu amalia?


-ala care tzi-am zis ca sa dus la bucuresti si i-a zis sa se gaseasca cu el ca sa ii zica ce face amalia si ii zicea ca ea isi da drumu cand trage pe pas

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this.

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    This is not a TRAVEL question. For better answer try a better page.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    it means " i wanna shove my poop up my butthole and then take it out and lick it again

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