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grat9 asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 2 months ago

Is suffering going down or up generally speaking as time goes on vs how it used to be in history?

Taking into account population increase


So it may not be as brutal now as in the dark ages the medievil times etc, but there are so many people now that suffering while lower in dose generally, is higher in total amount so it may be worse now 

Update 2:

Also looking ahead do you think it will increase or decrease as time goes on? 

Update 3:

same for our pets ( more people = more dogs and cats and they suffer too) 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Each individual person can suffer only as much as one person can suffer. So the fact that MORE people may be suffering now than before is irrelevant to each individual. It doesn't mean that the suffering of each individual is greater than it was before.

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