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Year 11 Essential Maths Help?


I am a Year 10 Australian student doing a Year 11 Essential Maths class to get my SACE points. I joined the class late as in I joined in the last 2 weeks of school, therefore I am behind by a little, I am struggling with the last question so if anyone could help me find an answer for it, even providing some ideas on how i can answer it. I have a job but I am 15, so I don't have to pay any of these costs, man I can't even drive yet. So this topic is something I am just not good with. Any help would seriously be appreciated. 

This is what is asked in the last sheet: (I chose a car allowance)

"13) Choose from one or more of the allowances below that could apply to a job in your future:






-additional super contributions 

In at least 200 words, explain the impact that this could have over time if you chose to take advantage of these adjustments. Show all relevant working out! "       

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Crikey, mate !! what is so hard?  EDIT - I GAVE YOU CLUES !!  I EXPECT YOU TO THINK !! [Do your parents own a car?] What does a car cost? Cost of gasoline/petrol? miles/kilometers driven  per year? etc etc - so how much would you benefit by getting a car allowance instead of using your own car? btw, you are newbie # 193 asking for "help" on their homework, by my count.

    • alyssa1 month agoReport

      What's hard about it is I don't know how to word it, and you weren't any help douche bag !! I went to my parents, they didn't help, my older siblings didn't help so I came here only to get you. thank you so much for pointing out the fact I and many others do need homework help because we struggle

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