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Hi I seen you worked for SSA for 30 years on another post. I was told by my Florida SSA office I would be happy. How can I interpret this?

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  • Judith
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    It sounds like your claim was medically approved but a final decision has not yet been made because it also sounds like your claim was pulled for a random quality review.  Once the review has been completed the file will be returned to the office making the medical decision. If denied they will release the denial notice.  If approved, the file will be sent to the social security office servicing your zip code for final adjudication.

    If you filed for SSI they can't begin payment, if approved, until they've updated  your file in regards to living arrangements, resources and income.  They must verify all allegations before payment can begin.

    If you filed for social security, usually they can initiate payment immediately but sometimes they must obtain additional non-disability proofs before payment can begin.

    I will say this - no one working for social security or social security's contractors (the state employees who gather the medical evidence and make the medical decision) should be saying anything indicating what the decision might or might not be as far as the medical evidence is concerned.  If they did then they were inappropriate. BTW, those doctors you were sent to for consultative exams are not social security employees nor do they make the medical decision.  They are requested to conduct an exam and social security will read and evaluate their reports just like any other medical report in the file.  They aren't even asked for their opinion since they don't know social security's criteria for entitlement.

    People can be approved medically but be denied for non-medical reasons; e.g. excess income/resources if filing for SSI or various other reasons if filing for social security.

    If you were told that you would be happy then I guess I would be optimistic and expect my claim to be approved.  I just hope you aren't disappointed.

    I was a SS claims rep for 32 yrs.

    • Ivonne1 month agoReport

      Do they share information?  I do not qualify for Medicaid another other way that I see and they sent me a card last week they back dated it to application date I see on the Medicaid paperwork.  I did apply through the SSA website. Is that another sign of approval possibly. 

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  • 2 months ago

    I also went to the CE exam in February well two of them and also had a few calls with the Judicator with a doctor on her other line.  We decided to have more older data pulled in from GA visits etc.  When I called today they said it is under review now and if Passed the State level.  I was told March 26th it was heading to Fed I would be happy then back to state?

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