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Can anyone please help me find this  YouTube video?

I cant put an exact year but it was probably on the 2009 or 10s just somewhere in the 2000s It started of with a asian kid he had the skateboard on his lap he was wearing grey sweat pants with a key necklace thing hanging out I think 

and he was spinning his wheels with his hands then it cut to him trying to ollie and then pogo? I think then he kept on trying to handstand on the skateboard but kept failing but he never gave up 

and there was one part were his friend pushed him down and the asian kid got kinda hurt and when he finally got it the music beat dropped I think? 

Then there was a part on the video were 2 guys one was the Asian kid I think and the other had a bright denim jacket on they were seeing who can manual the longest but the asian kid failed. I cant remember exactly what happened after that but I know the end credits it had a picture of some kid doing a trick. It would really mean a lot to me if anyone can help me find this as it was a big part of my childhood.

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