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Aaron asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 2 months ago

Good at home quarantine workout or no?

1 min planks, 20 vertical dips, 20 push-ups, 20 chair dips, 20 one leg squats, 20 hop squats, 20 leg lifts and 50 crunches. My question is does anyone think this is a good exercise routine if you're trying to gain some muscle.


Mind you 5 sets of this.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Not really you are missing a bunch of body parts that can be done.

    You are missing your complete back.

    Add some pullups or equivalent for upper back.

    You need some should work, you are only working only part of your shoulder, handstand pushups work wonders.

    Bridges, whether it is wrestler bridge or hip raise up to you, for low back/hip.

    Crunches are really inefficient for abs and you are only working a small section of your abs. Substitute or add leg raise for abs

    You are doing 4 exercise for chest, 3 for legs 1-1/2 for abs, creating a huge imbalance in the upperbody.

    Otherwise you are creating a imbalance in muscle and structure. Also if you add pullups you will be surprise what happens to your chest and shoulders, let alone your biceps.

    They have those door frame ones that just basically hang there wasy to setup and take down, just the hanging keeps it in place or they have 1 that looks like a bar almost like a bar that hangs shower curtain that usually uses screws or pressure on the door frame.

    Or you can do vertical pulls by using a door knob or the door frame or wall.

    Or even a pipe or bar in a basement or garage. In a garage you might be able to grab a 2x4. Or a balcony or exposed stairs. Heck anything you can grab, pull yourself up on as long as it supports your weight.

    Heck look at Rocky3 when Clubber Lane was working out solo. He was doing pullups using 2 loops of rope around a beam.

    Use your brain and imagination.

    Good that you found a branch to hang from.

    Me i have a steel beam that runs down the center of the basement. I had a few beam clamps, a few screws and some conduit minnies And i bought a 1 inch black pipe 4 feet long. I think i paid like $13 for the pipe the rest i had (I am in construction and had a few spare parts). If you bought everything i think it would be less that $30 and it support a lot of weight.

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    • JoKyoNim
      Lv 7
      2 months agoReport

      If you have access to a park or playground or even a fence without the chain links. You could do horizontal (Australian) pullups.

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