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Can’t tell if this guy is interested in me or not? Please help?

I started messaging this guy from my class on Snapchat because I thought he was interested in me. He responds very quickly, and at first, he didn’t really keep up the conversation. However, now since I’m messaging him more often, he keeps up the conversation, but I’m still the one asking most of the questions. Anyway, when he sees me in person, he’ll smile and enthusiastically say “hey”. I know that he’s a quiet/shy person, but I can’t tell if he just sees me as a friend, or if he likes me. I’m a year older than him, and I found out that he was having some trouble with his major, so I texted him (on Snapchat) basically saying that I was there for him, and that I care, because he mentioned that he felt like no one cares. He ended up saving my messages, and told me that he really appreciates that I reached out to him, and that it meant a lot to him. So what do you all think?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    Sounds like he appreciates that you reached out to him. So maybe see where he leads from there.

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