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My crush hasn’t talked to me in two weeks because she found out I have a crush on her. What do I do?

So at my school’s Valentine’s Day dance, my friends were pushing me to dance with my crush. One of her friends overheard and told her. Now she won’t talk to me. Today was the first time in a while but she just asked for a link for class. Before this we were very good friends. She is also known to be nice and “chill.” What should I do?


I think she might be ignoring me because she doesn’t know what to say.

Update 2:

Another thing: I think she’s either confused or shocked. I mean, when I say we were good friends, we were REALLY good friends, like best friends. She might just be shocked that I like her. I also have an idea to say that I don’t actually like her because my friends know from this crush ritual and I have a really good story.

Update 3:

Also she isn’t really “ignoring” me, just not really directly talking. In fact, i think I have caught her looking at me a couple times. 

1 Answer

  • Ignore her back. Let her see you have better things to give your attention to, even if it’s just a book.

     When a girl figures out she “has” you, they take you for granted. She will take notice of you ignoring her and try getting your attention. And once she has you again, she will get bored of you again. So basically ignore her and treat her like an after thought, and she’ll eventually end up on her knees in front of you trying to get your attention.

    • A quote I really like “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten”. So yeah, if one approach isn’t work for you in any part of life, sit back and look at what you can do differently. 

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