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Jack asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 month ago

How Big Was The Subway Grate That Marilyn Monroe Was Standing On In The Seven Year Itch When She Had Her Iconic Moment?

How Possible Is It That There Is A Subway Grate In New York That Are So Small That A Woman Channeling Her Inner Marilyn Monroe,While Wearing Pointy Open Toe High Heels,Would Not Have To Worry About The Heel Getting Caught In The Opening Of The Grate?

How Possible Is It That In New York,There Is Sidewalk Concrete In Between 2 Subway Grates & A Woman Wearing Pointy Open Toe High Heels Might Channel Her Inner Marilyn Monroe,By Standing On The Sidewalk Concrete,While The Wind Comes Up From The Grates?

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  • 1 month ago
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    The updraft from the subway grate isn't normally strong enough to blow up a dress of that size and is unpredictable for a film shoot, so large fans were placed below that could blow up wind on demand for the shoot.

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  • 1 month ago

    I am from New York, and I can attest to the fact, that the subway grates  trap many a women's heel. if you are not careful. 

    Of course, New York women,  know better than to walk over subway grates in heels.    You walk around them! 

    and looking at the Monroe scene ........I don't see how her heels   DIDN'T get caught.......they surely  SHOULD have........she was lucky. 

    Perhaps all her weight was on her toes, and that part of the shoe.  If she leaned back......on her heels, she probably would have gotten snagged.

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    • Jack1 month agoReport

      How Can A Woman,Wearing Pointy Open Toe High Heels,Walk On A Subway Grate,Without The Heel Falling In,Can A Subway Grate Be Small?

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