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How to make Hong Kong Style Lemon Iced Tea? (recipe?)?

Hi I'm looking to make what's in my question. I've searched online, and have bought what's recommended, Lipton Yellow Label Tea bags. However, upon making it, it just doesn't taste the same as what I've tried at Chinese Restaurants. Perhaps it's the ratio I'm using (how much sugar, how much tea bags per amount of water), or the type of sugar--- maybe I should use Rock sugar? regular sugar? or honey? I want to try making a little cup first, so if you could provide a recipe for a small glass, that would be much appreciated :).

1 Answer

  • Cara
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The difference can even be in the water you use. Sometimes when having a cup of tea at a friend's house I've enjoyed the tea and asked what it is; they tell me and I buy some, but it tastes different when I make it at my house - the difference can only be the water.

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