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Is one hour enough time between flights?

I'm going to be flying domestic to Auckland airport with only 1 hour to get to my international flight. I'm concerned that if my first flight is delayed I might miss my next flight. Since my two flights were booked as one ticket, will they delay the next international flight if the domestic flight is late? 

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    I would think 1 hour should be enough.  Hopefully you are familiar with the airport layout and know how to get to your connecting gate.  If the first flight is delayed, the airline will not hold the flight.  They will most likely re-book you.  My wife and kids had that happen.  They were a part of a group of 7 people who missed their flight.  The airline did not hold the connecting flight for 7 people and somehow even left the gate 4 minutes early.  There was an employee at their gate telling the gate agent that they now have the 7 passengers for the connecting flight and were on their way to the gate, but the airline still did not hold the flight.  All 7 people got re-booked.

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  • 6 months ago

    will they delay the next international flight if the domestic flight is late.

    MAYBE. The Airline has little room for this as they have to be at destination for their timed arrival and gate space. They MIGHT do not expect it. The International  crew is at their limits for work hours by end of flight.

    The International portion is probably the more expensive part and has limited flight options if you miss the connection. You might need to wait days for a seat.

    So what the Airline gives you meal and a Hotel room  you are not at your destination.

    Boarding for your International flight can stop 15 minutes before departure from your first flight YOU are not getting off the minute the plane lands easily 15-30 minutes more before you are off the plane.

    YOU DO NOT get some priority seat on next flight out. You get a next available seat could be many days of delay could be a different routing.The planes are near full not many surplus seats for the missed connections.

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  • 6 months ago

    Booking on one ticket gives you a very positive advantage.

    However, I am surprised that the airline will allow a domestic to international connection with only a one hour land & departure time slot. Are you sure about this.

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  • Nancy
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    6 months ago

    That's plenty of time, especially at Auckland Airport. Now if it were O'Hare in Chicago, it still would be enough time, but you had better hustle because the distance from the domestic terminals to the international terminals is quite a hike, a hike you probably wouldn't make if not for all the electronic sidewalks. I did it, though. When I flew to Portugal and connected from my domestic flight from Salt Lake to my international flight to Lisbon at O'Hare, I only had 45 minutes. I hustled. I made it, though.

    By the way, airlines know what passengers are coming in on connecting flights. If passengers are coming in on a flight that's a little bit delayed, they generally hold the flight until they show up because the airline doesn't want the headache of disgruntled customers and having to rebook tickets. Only if the flight is very late will they not hold the flight.

    So say your flight is 15 or 20 minutes late getting in. Your connecting airline will see that you are booked and that you are on the ground and in the airport and deplaned and on your way, and you likely won't be the only one. So they'll hold the plane until you get there and until the baggage handlers can get your baggage there. They generally won't leave when they know you're there in the airport, so only if your flight is an hour late causing you to not even be on the ground when your connection is to leave do you really need to start worrying-- and even then, if that happens, as you deplane, they'll stop you and tell you that you've missed your connection and start making accommodations right then to get you on another flight.

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  • 6 months ago

    Call the airline(s) and verify that one hour between flights is a legal connection. It almost certainly is, but verify.

    As long as it is a legal connection then you will be re-booked on the next flight at no charge to you, and if you have to overnight the airline may provide a hotel room.   

    If it is not a legal connection then you should consider changing your ticket so you have more time between flights. 

    I try very hard to have at least two hours between flights, and especially if the transit airport is large. 

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