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So I tokd my straight friend a girl I am as well straight n a girl that I'm dream of her sexually. She wasn't mad just went with ?

It was like ok and. So a few days ago I got a text (not necessarily in this order writing me but she writes, she's open to what I said to her.

Masterbation together it's more a lust thing for her and hope it's for me too. She has some desires that she wouldn't mind exploring with me. But it's all new to both of us need to take slowwww. When and or comfortable we can maybe have breast play and or touch n feel, or fingering or use toys on each other.  

    My question is no strings attached but I'm afraid I'm might want more if it's that good. What do I do here,?! It's coming up soon we got a room w double beds to watch each other here.  Nervous as hell and yet excited about the anticipation of it. Any advice here for my 1st time wva female and she's my friend?!? 

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