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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 3 months ago

Should I have said something? Should i have tried harder? ( I tried to say he came into my room that night but I got shot down )?

So I have things that I dont feel comfortable talking to someone face to face about 2 being, 

1. When I was about 8/9 my step cousin put his hand down my trousers and touched me when he was 14/15 he basically hurt me that day and I told no one.

2. My step dad who my mum is still with who knows nothing about this, he used to come into my room at night and feel me up this was when I got to secondary school always over my pjamas or blanket. Only ever happened when he had a drink in him but never when he was sober.

I tried to tell my mum once but she was asleep and wouldnt wake up then he came in the livingroom. What went through my head at the time what if no one believed me? What if my brothers hated me for taking their dad away from them? at the time my youngest brother wasnt born so if I did say something the morning after my youngest brother wouldnt be here. 

Yes it's not the way to think but its true.

One night my friend/ my mums friend at the time was staying late and when my mum went up the stair apparently my step dad came onto her before he was she was in the kitchen putting something away before she left to go home. She told me before she told my mum n i said to her to say to my mum ( I know what you must think hypocrite, as I couldnt bring myself to say ) apparently she was known to lie about all sorts of things according to her uncle. She told my mum but after my mum had it out with him no one believed her after her uncle said she was known to lie

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  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    maybe you should tell the police about it

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  • 3 months ago

    You account of what happened is convincing. Your logic is faulty. What he did was wrong, illegal and criminal behavior. That you could not pursue conversations with your mom is sad. You were not at fault then and not now. If You had discussed this with your mom, she would have protected you and take legal action against him. That could still happen and it would be your word against his word.

    I am concerned for other victims and minors visiting the house. What I would suggest is tell your mom everything. It’s her responsibility to go to the authorities.

    If you are not treated with properly by your mom, tell your school counselor, confide in an aunt or grandmother. You have all rights to protect yourself.

    Don’t be concerned with what happens it’s not your fault. They are the adults. Your job is not to protect them. I know you are troubled.

    Perhaps an arrangement can be worked out.

    Good luck

    Next Time

    • Chanice3 months agoReport

      I'm not a child now, its just something that I've never forgot something let alone talked about. Just started thinking what if that never happened to me would my life be different now

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  • 3 months ago

    you probably should have said something earlier because it's unlikely you're the only person he's abusing. but the past is in the past. unless you suspect someone is still actively harming others, let sleeping dogs be. it really doesn't matter if anyone believes you either. the thing you want to do is raise suspicions so people question these things. if your family doesn't believe you, you can always call the police to report a crime. and if the police don't believe you? at least there's a record for the police to follow the next time someone doesn't want to believe the next victim.

    • Chanice3 months agoReport

      I feel like its affecting me now as no one knows no even my boyfriend and that way I cant bring myself to tell him because it would raise questions that I'd rather not talk about to anyone I'd rather leave it in the past and not think about it but its affecting things in bedroom 

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