This is a really big question but would someone give the piano chords Madison beer uses in her creep by Radiohead cover? Thank you!!?

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  • 1 month ago

    I am a full-time career, multi-degreed professional musician in NY since 1973. Made every $$ in music.  You DO know that it is copyrighted - and NO, we are not going to give you the chords, melody rhythm, or anything else.  When you steal from one of my working colleagues, you steal FROM ME - and all of the rest of us. If you can find a website that will SELL you a print or down-loadable copy - lucky you.  I know where they are - but THIS TIME will not help you, because you came here to STEAL.  Asking on Yahoo for assistance in doing that, or committing any other crime, is punishable by permanent ban.  So good luck finding the sheet music.

    • elizabsth2 weeks agoReport

      I already found it, but thanks for the help!!!

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