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    What are your favorite movies and performances from Catherine Zeta Jones and Sandra Bullock?

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    Catherine Zeta Jones


    The Mask Of Zorro

    Sandra Bullock


    The Net

    Two Weeks Notice

    Miss Congeniality

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    Will the Coronavirus be a lot less severe by July and August?

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    Based on what I've been hearing and reading, it is seasonal in the sense that heat and humidity greatly reduce its transmission rates.  The expectation seems to be that transmission will plateau or even go down in July and August, and likely make a resurgence in November and December.  However, it does remain to be seen.  It may be premature to definitively assert anything at this time.

    74 AnswersPolitics2 days ago
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    Why do liberals say that hydroxychloroquine isn’t effective?

    When COVID-19 was creating havoc at the nursing homeowner John Griffin says only two people quit.

    "99 percent of the staff stayed we had 34 employees that contracted Coronavirus all lived and 98% are back at work right now," Griffin said.

    63 AnswersPolitics18 hours ago
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    Why so many Trumpers think face masks a political statement? Why can\t they comprehend maybe they have seniors at risk, or a sick child?

    When you wear a mask, you are protecting your loved ones. If you don't want to wear a mask, fine. Just stay away from me. I have vulnerable parents, who I would like to be able to visit. Why are so many GOP, I shouldnt say GOP because they are not really Republicans anymore, just Trumplicans. But why don't these people see we are wearing masks to protect loved ones, and not to make any stupid political statement.

    56 AnswersPolitics1 day ago
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    How can an educated person claim that Natural Selection is a process if nobody observed it?

    All natural processes are some kind of physical or chemical interaction of matter resulting in a specific effect. Both the interaction and the effect are observable or identifiable. For e.g. A fire is an interaction of heat, fuel, and an oxidizing agent in the form of an uninhibited chemical reaction. The effect is transfer of heat to the surroundings. Or, sexual reproduction is an interaction of two individuals of different sexes. The effect is new organism.

    In all these instances we can point to nature and show fire, heat transfer, reproduction and new organism. But what physical or chemical interaction is "natural selection"? And what is the effect of this "process"? Some say the fittest organisms. But this is an obvious nonsense. Organisms are always the effect of reproduction and growth processes.

    In the Darwin's finches all that could have been observed were finches and seed. Nothing else. But seed is just something that was consumed by the finches. Seed is not a "natural process". When refering to Darwin's finches some use terms such as "the power of natural selection" or "natural selection in action". Given the above said, this is like saying: "the power of seed" or "seed in action". And this is again, an obvious nonsense.

    So, natural selection is nonexistent in nature. Nobody can point to it. Nobody can observe it. Meaning, it exists only as an imaginary construct in the human mind. Hence, the question.

    29 AnswersBiology2 days ago
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    What is 230-220*0.5?

    I was told that it is 5!

    25 AnswersMathematics2 days ago
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    Why do Republicans call Democrats sheep?

    Republicans would follow Donald Trump into a volcano if he told them it was a cool 72° down there.

    I think we all know who the real sheep are.

    19 AnswersPolitics14 hours ago
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    How do guys feel with big girls?

    I am 20 years old and sad to say, I am still a virgin. I am 125 pounds and I’m 5”4 so I have a belly and I am very insecure about my body. I am always wanting to get into a relationship but knowing the guys views, I know one day there will be a time sex would come up. I am extremely insecure with my body and I always wear hoodies and jeans so people can’t see my real figure. I just wanted to know the guy’s views on how they would feel. I don’t want him to feel grossed out.. I always decline going to the beach or going for a hike or the gym. I work out on my own, away from everyone I know. When I was in high school, I weighed the most at 150 pounds. After working out and losing weight, I have a lot of cellulite and my stomach and thighs are not something I want to show to the public. Because of my body, I try hard to lose weight and have that healthy fit body but my body figure is not appealing..

    63 AnswersDiet & Fitness4 days ago
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    Why do black people complain so much?

    Y'all have affirmative action for god's sake! There's plenty of whites that face police brutality. Yes what that cop did was wrong but not everything has to be thought of through the lens of race. Life is hard for EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF RACE!!!

    27 AnswersPolitics2 days ago
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    Studying Advice?

    Looking for some tips on how to study. I am currently a college student, and I have a lot of difficulties studying and retaining information. I struggle a lot worrying about what people think and use this as an excuse to not attend as many office hours (virtually of course) as I would like to. I am a pre-medicine student and I know this is the field I want to be in. I just want to learn how to study sooner rather than later, and the anxious feeling when I try to study is really messing me up lately. Any advice greatly appreciated, thank you!

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    Why don't McDonald's sell no hotdogs?

    McDonald's don't sell no hotdogs why?

    56 AnswersFast Food3 days ago
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    Why do I always get bad grades?

    Hello there, i'm a college student and currently in my final year of college, my college life has been terrible and there's nothing to be proud of me as a student because I usually get a bad grade from the exams and my GPA is pretty much disappointing, i do try my best and study harder to get some good scores, but I usually fail and It makes me really upset that feels like I'm just wasting my time in a college, so I'm turning my attention to my professors and blame the, they are a bunch of scums, I guess I will never be moved forwards under them, so what are your tips to improve my GPA? And what are chances to die of them getting  coronavirus ?

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    Is it fair for my Mom to keep me grounded for something I said months ago? Here's what happened...?

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    Just go through your mom's room and take them back. Her behavior is downright ridiculous and eye rolling. She needs to grow up. 1) She's holding a grudge over something that happened months ago. 2) I've been grounded for far less time for things way more serious than that. Hell, the most I've ever been grounded is probably 1 week, 2 weeks tops. I think I was only ever really grounded once or twice in my life when I was a kid.

    15 AnswersFamily1 day ago